Alumni Spotlight: Chris Younce

Chris Younce received a Bachelor’s Degree from Goddard College for his thesis work on Evolutionary Theory. Chris grew up in the Midwest, first in Ann Arbor, MI where his mother earned her JD then later in Oxford, OH. It was in Ohio at one of his mother’s art workshops that he first noticed how different one student’s learning style was from another. At the time, he was attending a private school whose hands-on approach to learning helped him stay connected to his studies.

At 13, Chris had his first Goddard experience. His mother had to renew her teaching license and found the program at Goddard suited her life better than anywhere else. She took him to visit the campus where he came into contact with some amazing people. Later after high school and a stint washing dishes, he decided it was his time to experience Goddard in earnest.

Chris’s experience was indeed very Goddardian as he estimates he changed his focus six times from film to the psychology of sport to art to Buddhism and then looked at autism spectrum disorder before he began exploring the origins of consciousness. He dedicated the book which was spawned by this process, Cognitive Liberty, to the school. Its focus very much pays homage to the multi-disciplinary approach as it links the fields of psychology, biology and ecology. 

Currently, Chris works as a case manager for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He advocates for a person-centered approach which allows individuals to claim as much agency as they care to. He is also an active and proud member of the Vermont Beekeepers Association where his work in mycology has led him to champion a mushrooms for bees campaign as certain species of mushroom seem to mitigate colony collapse disorder. 


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