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The Instagram caption read: “We received a question on an Instagram post last week about how we live out our values in praxis. We thought this was such a good question that we decided to share about it! We’re starting with a post about SOLIDARITY ECONOMICS — what it means, how it’s practiced, and things we’re doing to implement it in our own organization. We’re always striving to do more and hope to increase our practices of solidarity as we grow”

(1) Solidarity Economics: An ethical, democratic, and values-based approach to economic activity that prioritizes the well-being of people and environment. 
(2) Solidarity Economics in Practice Can Look Like: Mutual Aid, Community and worker co-ops, Community care, Sliding scales, Lending circles, Crowdfunding, and Direct Sponsorship. 
(3) Inspiring Examples of Solidarity Economics: (a) Not Sorry Productions has coordinated mutual aid funds for its community and crowdfunded tens of thousands of dollars for bail funds, BLM organizations, and RAICES immigrant services. (b) Highlander Research and Education Center has been involved in advancing solidarity economics since the labor movements of the 1930s. Their “Solidarity Squadship” program provides direct funding, training, and networking to solidarity organizations across the US South, promoting their transformative work.
(4) MORE Examples of Solidarity Economics: (a) The Kola Nut Collaborative is a mutual support network to exchange services and goods through a time bank currency. Members find economic freedom by finding alternative ways to meet their needs and are reimagining how to value each other and our time. (b) The California Public Banking Alliance is a “coalition of public banking activists working to create socially and environmentally responsible city and regional public banks” which are publicly owned, local, and ethical.
(5) The Alumni Association practices Solidarity Economics: (a) Business Directory: Support fellow alumni by buying products and services from their business; promote your own products and businesses. (b) Goddard in the World Podcast: Sharing the stories and work of Goddard community members; highlighting examples of transformative praxis. (c) Alumni Spirit Grant: Providing direct funding for alumni work in the world; crowdfunded by the Goddard community. 
(6) Volunteer in Solidarity! We are seeking: Social Media Assistant, Podcast Writer/Editor, and a Podcast Outreach Manager. Message us to learn more!
(7) Donate in Solidarity: Donate in solidarity today to support our community of alumni:

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