Alumni Spotlight: Transformative Language Arts

This week Amanda is hosting a Transformative Language Arts (TLA) roundtable:

  • Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, founder of TLA and current chair of the TLA Network (TLAN) board
  • Angie Ebba, graduate of the TLA program at Goddard; and
  • Joy Zimmerman, board member of TLAN.

We discuss the role of words, especially poetry and song  in our lives, particularly how we all recognize the power of words to make our experiences concrete and understood to ourselves and others.

All music in this episode is by Joy Zimmerman. Featured songs: “We Are a Bell” and “Nobel Prize” from Where the Light Lives.

Caryn developed Transformative Language Arts (TLA) as a concentration in the IMA program at Goddard. While it no longer exists as curriculum at Goddard, the nonprofit TLANetwork is holding community space for people who use written, spoken, and sung word for personal and community transformation.

One of the keystone events of TLAN is the Power of Words conference. Everyone at the roundtable will be presenting at the 2023 Power of Words conference:

  • Amanda’s workshop: Using TLA to Create & Deepen Your Family Archive
  • Angie’s workshop: My Body is Not a Battlefield: Illness, Body, and the Use of Metaphor
  • Caryn’s panel discussion: TLA in the World: Transforming Communities Through the Power of Words
  • Caryn’s workshop with Kathryn Lorenzen: The Big Picture of Your TLA Livelihood and Life
  • Joy’s keynote performance with Erin McGrane: music and spoken word

For more information please follow the links below:

2023 Power of Words conference:

Transformative Language Arts Network:

Joy Zimmerman:

Angie Ebba:

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg:

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