Alumni Spotlight: Casey Caronna

Casey Caronna headshot

This week Amanda interviews Casey Caronna, the co-host of Goddard in the World podcast. Casey graduated from the EDU program in 2011 with his Master of Arts in Education degree with his degree focusing on the re-conceptualization of the status and purpose of Community Education. His passion for life-long learning, holistic education and democratic education is firmly based in all work he does in his surrounding community, both on a professional level and in a volunteer capacity.

We discuss Casey’s formative journey in Australia and discovering from aboriginal communities how learning can be boundaryless; that is, learning can occur anywhere, not just in the classroom. Casey is concerned with traditional structures of learning such as the school day and how it fits with the current economy, “a large part of schooling exists as a babysitter program for capitalist workers in society.” While he recognizes that most Western educational philosophers didn’t do much teaching, he wonders “how do we be brave enough to make systematic changes on a huge conscious basis on how learning should occur.” 


John Dewey:

Sir Ken Robinson, TED Talks:

International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC):

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