Alumni Spotlight: Max Harrick Shenk

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Max Harrick Shenk (MFA, EDU) was born in Carlisle, PA in 1964. From as far back as he can remember, he says he enjoyed not only writing, but creating his own ‘zines and publishing his work. Max also has delved into the mystical teachings of Neville Goddard and has published two e-books of quotes pulled from Neville’s teachings.

We talk to Max about his interests in writing, radio, and teaching which came early to him and parallel his dad’s journey. “My dad was a PA announcer at the high school and local college…I always had a sense that you could do stuff with your voice and make it a job.” Post-undergrad he threw himself into music and songwriting, then writing fiction which eventually led him to Goddard’s MFA program. One of the most valuable things he learned from his advisers was just to keep writing, “The real work of writing is the work of revising and crafting a piece. Put the horrible stuff on paper, then you print it, then you revise it, then it gets a little better. You can’t revise a blank page.”

A few years after receiving his MFA, Max returned to Goddard to pursue an MA in the EDU program, writing a thesis in how nontraditionally trained musicians learn music. While Max has published his work in traditional formats (periodicals, books and e-books), he also experimented with drafting stories in his characters’ voices, first via email, and then later via multiple character pages on Facebook. Keep up with Max at the links below:



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Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones

Donald M. Murray, A Writer Teaches Writing

John Steinbeck, The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication

Groucho Marx, The Marx Brothers Scrapbook

Other Authors: Edward Abbey, Neville Goddard, Henry Miller


Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian (documentary)

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