Alumni Spotlight: Georges Drouin

Georges Drouin

Georges Drouin is a legacy Goddard graduate having attended Northwood campus at its inception, from 1965 to 1968. He is of French and French-Canadian descent. His work at Goddard focused on psychology, teaching, modern dance, the I’Ching and T’ai Chi. Georges has served on a School Board, served as a small town councilor, founded a soccer school for young people with his two sons, and founded an elite soccer team in Quebec. He has trained in Hatha Yoga, Zen Shiatsu, intuitive T’ai Chi, Meditation and Mindfulness and Therapeutic Touch from the early 1980s up to present day.

We talk about Georges’ early introduction to progressive education from his mother, who was an educator inspired by Montessori and Rudolph Steiner philosophies, to her correspondence with Tim Pitkin. Georges started Goddard before the Northwood campus was built so spent his first year in Goddard San Juan. He remains passionate about the future of Goddard and bringing other legacy alumni back into the fold.

Georges is an experienced meditation teacher and holds regular meditation sitting spaces for Goddard alumni. Please contact him via email for a current schedule of meditation, and for meditation resources.



Email: georges dot drouin at gmail dot com OR georges dot drouin at goddard dot edu

Jewels of Refuge Meditation Group (behind Goddard Alumni Association member wall):

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