Alumni Spotlight: Evi Tampold

Evi Tampold
Evi Tampold graduated at the end of August with a BFA in Socially Engaged Art from the Undergraduate Studies Program (UGP). An illustrator and cartoonist from Toronto, Canada, she uses her skills to shed light on under-discussed social issues. At the age of 17, she published her first graphic novel, The Hallway Closet, which explores her experience with ADHD. She explains that the book is “a way to show the stepping-stones towards me becoming the person I can be today, no matter how strange or silly or scary those steps might seem.” She has also presented her work at two international conferences:  Comics and Medicine and Canadian Society for the Study of Comics. Her graphic medicine art has been displayed at exhibitions in the faculties of Medicine and of Education at the University of Toronto and at the PathoGraphics exhibition, Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité.
Her senior project at Goddard explored the concepts of psychogeography and the dérive through graphic illustrations. Some examples of this work can be found on her Instagram: @evizoa. In the weeks following her senior presentation and graduation, she also designed the Goddard College Alumni Association logo at the request of the Alumni Council. We are thrilled with her work and could not be more excited to see what she does next as she pursues her MFA! 

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