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Amy S. Cutler is a writer who earned her master’s degree in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Her work can be found in Tales to Terrify, wow-women on writing, the Pitkin Review, Wellness Universe, Elephant Journal. She was recently published in Slut Vomit: An Anthology of Sex Work, by Outcast Press (available on Amazon), a collection of stories that explore the adult entertainment industry. 

Amy is steeped in spooky stories, not just reading about them but living them. She once had a dog which, in a dream, foretold its own death. She also spent her summers in a haunted house in the scariest place one can imagine: Upstate New York. As a little girl, she loved scary stories and would read them sitting with her back to the attic door to keep the spirits from coming down. She scares easily, relishing the rush of adrenaline she feels. She also loves scaring people even in the simplest ways like hiding and jumping out at them.

Shadow of Love began simply as a scary story about a woman fleeing an abusive marriage and taking refuge in a haunted house. The feedback at Goddard helped her see where the book could go and allowed her to take it to a place it might not have gone. Just being at Goddard, a place widely thought to be haunted, helped her stay in touch with the ghost realm.

She currently resides on Mt. Peter in New York, where she runs a ski area. She’s lived there her whole life and found her earliest inspiration from her summertime strolls through the woods. It was a lonely childhood that she filled by making up stories. An early short story of hers centered on a convict escaping from the nearby jail and coming to terrorize the folks living around Mount Peter.

Her husband, who’s worked on the mountain for 17 years, is her partner in her writing as well. A keen editor, he’s also proven a great ear to bounce story ideas off. Currently, Amy is working on a story about reincarnation.

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