Small-Biz Happy Hour!

Alumni Biz & Freelance Happy Hour (no drinks required)!

We are excited to launch a monthly online gathering for Goddard alumni who run small businesses and/or do contract or freelance work.

We want this event to be a place where we have fun, build support networks, collaborate with community members and undo the compounded isolation from the pandemic and working alone or primarily online.

We want to create this space together WITH YOU! Please join us for our initial gathering, during which co-hosts Rachel Economy and Amanda Lacson will guide us through a fun brainstorm and need-mapping process, so that together we can design something that truly meets the needs of our collective. This might include presenters, skill-shares, workshopping each others’ projects, games and more.

Please mark your calendars, and either comment here, or email me directly at, to RSVP and be put on the list to receive the zoom link!

The event is finished.


Mar 28 2021


Eastern Time (10 am Pacific)
1:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Rachel Economy
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  1. I look forward to this event. I am the Executive Director of a non profit called Shares Corporation here in Vermont. I started this organization upon my graduation from Goddard in August of 2020.