Alumni Spotlight: Kali Meister

Kali Meister is an established writer, public speaker, college educator, academic and actress. She is also a sensitive empath and tarot reader. She found her way to Goddard’s MFA program based on the advice of the program chair Marilyn Kallet. In Vermont, Kali found the cold but also like minded spirits such as the program director at the time Paul Selig, who is himself a channel. 

Kali comes from a family of intuitives. She was five years old when she had her first experience seeing, feeling, and sensing spirit. She has been reading tarot and worked as an empathic channel and healer for over 30 years. She does private tarot readings and group events; and facilitates workshops on how to read tarot cards, how chakra and breathing align you to your higher self, and how to use intuition to journal your way through healing physical and emotional pain.

Kali’s writing is an extension of her rich experiences in theatre, performance art, and film. Her writing has won literary awards for fiction, playwriting and nonfiction and has been featured in publications such as Circle Magazine, Pegasus Review, Outscapes, 34 Orchard, and Phoenix. In response to the lack of female representation she saw at film festivals, Kali founded SheWonder Productions. Her films focus on the female experience, female narrative, and female talent.

A true polymath, Kali has also been a laughter yoga guide, taught reiki and done tarot reading workshops. She’s always open to new tarot reading clients from whom she learns so much about the world.

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