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Georges Drouin

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Quebec, Canada


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Northwood (Plainfield, VT)

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Psychology and Child Development

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A Comparative Analysis of two Theories of Development: Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget


June Edson, Alan Soule, Mark Ryder, Alan Walker (main)

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September 1, 1965

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June 1, 1968

Professional Experience

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Technology, Professional Sales and Marketing, Meditation-Yoga-Tai Chi-Therapeutic Touch-Zen Shiatsu, Spirituality, Teaching, Time Management

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Do you have an interest in participating in local/regional alumni chapter?

I'm interested in creating a new regional chapter. Please contact me.

Volunteer Engagement:

I have volunteered before

What would inspire you to volunteer your time in the future to the Goddard Alumni Association?

I’m currently discussing of this possibility with Justin. From Oct 2018 until Dec 2019 I was a member of the Alumni Council with the intent of creating a Canadian Chapter. Nothing advanced in any concrete manner during this period and, after much reflection, I did not continue to be involved. There was a disappointing lack of understanding of the Canadian reality and potential. I have moved on since, developing my interests elsewhere.

I have allowed myself to reopen, somewhat begrudgingly, a form of interest by pursuing a conversation with Justin – with whom I am comfortable to pursue this conversation.

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btw: the above Gift Donations section should include ”currently giving” which is my case.