Resource and Restore Breathwork

This last year, and beyond, has been very hard on our bodies and spirits. As many push to “return to normal,” often without acknowledging that “normal” was incredibly harmful to many communities and the Earth, you might find yourself in an in-between place and in need of tuning inwards to reconnect to your own wisdom, help process what you experienced this past year, and bring some restoration to your body and spirit. In this workshop, we will learn about and practice an active breathing pattern¬† helpful for bringing us back to ourselves while integrating (or disintegrating) whatever might be present and held in our bodies. We will also work with our bodies through somatic writing prompt. Through both practices, we will first expand the narratives beyond language and then ground back down into words to help navigate this complicated terrain that we’ve traveled both individually and collectively. Coming back to our bodies as wisdom keepers, as powerful knowledge holders, with breath and writing as resources, are ways of caring for and showing up for ourselves so that we can continue caring for and showing up for each other. Last virtual group of the summer until September. Sliding scale, open to all, and there will be a recording if you can’t join live.

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Jul 29 2021


Eastern Time
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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