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Podcast Cover 2022

Goddard in the World is a podcast highlighting the work of the Goddard College academic community. Goddard has a diverse history with radical roots: our guests’ work before, during and after Goddard reflect not only a deep questioning, but how to bring the critical eye to the world and society around us. 

We are interested in sharing our guests’ stories, rather than focus solely on their accomplishments at Goddard. While we are curious about where Goddard landed on their path, and if/how Goddard shaped their work in the world, the podcast highlights where our guests’ work and passions and how they bring them to their community.

The podcast is hosted by Amanda Faye Lacson (IMA 10) and Sam Rebelein (MFAW 2019). Amanda graduated from the IMA program in 2010, where she wrote her thesis on the mythology of romantic love and how it influences contemporary Western expectations in romantic relationships. Her passion for storytelling has continued, in her creation of FamilyArchive Business which helps families tell and preserve their photos and stories for future generations. Sam holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College (with a focus on Horror and Memoir), a certificate of graduation from the Lubbock Area Square & Round Dance Federation, and that one trophy in The Last of Us Part II for when you beat the game on the hardest difficulty. Hard to say which of these is his greatest accomplishment. Sam’s work has appeared in Bourbon Penn, Coffin Bell Journal, The Dread Machine, Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, and elsewhere. HarperCollins’ horror and crime imprint William Morrow is publishing Sam’s debut horror novel EDENVILLE in Fall 2023, and his debut short story collection THE POORLY MADE AND OTHER THINGS in 2024. 

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